Part number:U8030
Function: , u8030.jpg, 375W, DC Bench Power Supply, Triple Output
Description:Agilent extended its family of basic power supplies to include the U8030 Series, a 375-watt, manual triple-output power supply. Both models, the U8031A and U8032A, are designed to include an output sequencing function which allow power supply outputs to be set with just a few button presses. Coupled with a set of intuitive keypads, desired output power can be set quickly and easily to perform margin tests, burn-in tests and other general purpose tasks in an industrial setting. The U8030 series also offers low output noise, excellent load regulation and a set of enhanced safety features with OVP, OCP and physical lock mechanism. With these, you get a solid bench power supply plus a set of convenient and easy to use features.
Company name:Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Datasheet:Download U8030 datasheet
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