Part number:FAN3111E
Function:Power Management, Power Distribution/Switches, MOSFET Drivers
Description:Single 1A High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver The FAN3111 1A gate driver is designed to drive an Nchannel enhancement-mode MOSFET in low-side switching applications. Two input options are offered: FAN3111C has dual CMOS inputs with thresholds referenced to VDD for use with PWM controllers and other input-signal sources that operate from the same supply voltage as the driver. For use with low-voltage controllers and other inputsignal sources that operate from a lower supply voltage than the driver, that supply voltage may also be used as the reference for the input thresholds of the FAN3111E. This driver has a single, non-inverting, low-voltage input plus a DC input VXREF for an external reference voltage in the range 2 to 5V. The FAN3111 is available in a lead-free finish industrystandard 5-pin SOT23.
Company name:Fairchild Semiconductor
Datasheet:Download FAN3111E datasheet
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