Part number:73M1903
Function:Communication, Network, Ethernet/DS1/E1 (T1/E1), T1/E1
Description:Modem Analog Front-End The 73M1903 is a single-chip analog front-end (AFE) device used in embedded soft modem and voice applications including high-speed data modems, satellite set-top boxes, POS terminals, MFP and fax terminals, and IP phones. This device offers multiple features designed to reduce the external component count and deliver robust performance with a low-cost transformer DAA. The 73M1903 is pin-compatible with Teridian’s 73M2901CE modem chip, which facilitates the user to transition from the 73M2901 to a soft modem solution with minimal risk and redesign of the line-side DAA circuitry.
Company name:Maxim Integrated Products
Datasheet:Download 73M1903 datasheet
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