Part number:73S1217F
Function:Microcontrollers, 8 bit
Description:Bus-Powered 80515 System-on-Chip With USB, ISO 7816/EMV, PINpad, And More The Teridian 73S1217F is a self-contained SoC smart card reader IC that is an ideal solution for any USB-connected ISO 7816 design. Any USB-connected or stand-alone smart card reader can benefit from the unique feature set the Teridian 73S1217F offers. With the 73S1217F, products like the personal PINPads, transparent smart card readers, or smart card readers built into laptops, desktops, and peripherals (keyboards, etc.) can now take advantage of the USB connectivity with no impact on the cost compared to traditional unconnected solutions. Teridian is committed to simplifying customer designs as well as shortening development and certification timetables by providing unparalleled support and design help. Customers can elect to use Teridian\'s free-of-charge turnkey reference designs and software solutions that fully comply with all relevant standards (ISO 7816 (T = 0, T = 1), PS/SC, CCID) and are suitable to pass key certification tests (EMV 4.1 (Level 1), Microsoft WHQL). Alternately, Teridian fully supports customers\' development of their own solutions with extensive documentation and support.
Company name:Maxim Integrated Products
Datasheet:Download 73S1217F datasheet
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