Part number:S-1701D5042-U5T1G
Function:Power Management, Regulators, Linear Regulators, LDO (Low Drop Out)
Description:LOW DROPOUT CMOS VOLTAGE REGULATOR WITH RESET FUNCTION The S-1701 Series, developed based on CMOS technology, is a voltage regulator with a reset function and integrates a high- accuracy voltage detector with on-chip delay circuit and a positive voltage regulator with a low dropout voltage and high output voltage on one chip. The S-1701 Series is available in many types according to the selection of the voltage detector block of the voltage detector, including a SENSE pin input product. A built-in low on-resistance transistor provides a low dropout voltage and large output current. Small ceramic capacitors are available and an external capacitor for delay is needless.
Company name:Seiko Instruments USA, Inc.
Datasheet:Download S-1701D5042-U5T1G datasheet
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