Part number:ZLED7022
Function: , zled7022.jpg, Low-Voltage Six-Channel LED Driver
Description:The ZLED7022, one of our ZLED family of LED control ICs, is a low-noise, constant-frequency charge pump DC/DC converter that can drive up to six LED channels, providing a programmable constant current level ranging from 1.8mA to 20mA per LED channel. It can also drive higher current LEDs because its current sinks can operate in parallel. It enables white or other color LED applications that require uniform intensity and/or linear progressions in brightness. Capable of operating effi-ciently with DC voltage supplies ranging from 2.8V to 5.5V, it is ideal for small, battery-powered applications because very few external components are needed: typically one small-dimension 1μF capacitor across the C+ and C- pins and two small-dimension 2.2μF capaci-tors to GND from the VCC and Vout pins. The ZLED7022’s Pulse Count Control (PCC) serial digi-tal input is used to enable/disable the LEDs and set the current level (14 settings using a nearly logarithmic scale to provide a linear brightness progression). This simple, high-speed interface allows efficient real-time management of LEDs via microcontrollers or control systems. The ZLED7022’s features include integrated soft-start circuitry to protect against excessive in-rush current dur-ing power-on and a low-current shutdown mode that reduces quiescent current consumption to approximately 1μA (typical) by disconnecting the load from the input when the EN/SET pin is low for a specified time.
Company name:ZMD
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